David Argent, Assistant Principal, Coral Springs Middle School

David Argent is a dynamic leader who believes that building strong relationships between schools and communities is the key to student success. He consistently engages students, teachers and parents in extracurricular activities. He connects with business partners and volunteers who donate their time and resources to students and the school. For the nine years Argent has served as assistant principal at Coral Springs Middle School, the school received the Florida Department of Education’s Golden School Award. “He has the rare ability to get the best results from staff and students,” said Principal Ian Murray.

Patricia Brown, Assistant Principal, Coral Springs High School

A hard-working instructional leader, Patricia Brown focuses on the academic inclusion of a culturally diverse student population at Coral Springs High School. Brown creates and nurtures a positive learning environment to facilitate student achievement. Her mentoring initiatives positively impact at-risk students and increased the graduation rate for Coral Springs High. “A star, revolutionary and trailblazer,” are words used by Principal Susan Leon-Leigh to describe Brown.  She works tirelessly to build relationships that provide answers to the latest challenges in education.