Lisa Boccard has experienced a lot in life. She has been fighting metastatic breast cancer for many years and is almost at the end of a round of more treatments that will put her cancer in remission. For the past 12 years, she has led an effort to raise money to provide free mammograms to women in financial need. Those who test positive are encouraged to receive treatment for breast cancer at Broward Health. Thousands of women have received free mammograms and those who have tested positive have received life saving treatment.

Lisa Boccard worked to create a 5K run. Originally the event took place at Coral Springs Medical Center and the surrounding streets. Over time, as the race grew in size and popularity, it was moved to the Sportsplex Park in western Coral Springs. The 5K portion of race sold out with about 1,100 participants. Recently, a half-marathon was added and it has grown. About 600 people participated.

After the runs, people gathered together for a nice social event. Music played and food was available. “I am proud of this race. It has raised money to provide mammograms for women,” said Boccard.