By David Volz

People got together at Coral Springs Charter School to observe the National Day of Prayer. It was an opportunity for members of the many congregations in the Coral Springs area to get to know each other better. Randall Cutter, pastor of the New Dawn Church said he was glad to see people from various faith backgrounds coming together to give prayers together.

Children from each congregation were given the opportunity say a prayer from their faith. Then the people lit candles and sang “Let There Be Peace on Earth” and “God Bless America.” Those who came could enjoy cake, cookies and other treats. The St. Andrew Spanish Choir sang. Madison Perez of Coral Springs High School sang “I will Trust in You.”

“We may not all agree on everything but we can come together and pray,” said Cutter.

The National Day of Prayer is an annual event for Americans of all faiths to take time to pray for the nation and its leaders. The National Day of Prayer was established by an Act of Congress as a day to call the entire nation to prayer. Many communities hold prayer events and invite people of all faiths to come together and offer prayers.