By David Volz

The City of Coral Springs hosted its annual CommuniTEA at the Coral Springs Museum of Art. Many longtime friends got tables together and enjoyed tea, cakes and pastries and fellowship. There was live entertainment. Everyone who came was encourage to bring a tea cup that had some personal significance and tell a story about it.

Bessie Cristwell, a leader on the Coral Springs Multicultural Advisory Committee loved the event and really enjoyed spending time with her friends. “It was really fun to hear people share stories about their tea cups,” she said.

Rhonda Archer and Stehpanie Gowing have been good friends for 46 years. They shared a story about a favorite teacup. Gowing said, “I really love being a part of this tea event.”

Lynn Baker, an administrator at FAU enjoyed spending time with friends at CommuniTEA. “This is a nice social event,” she said.

Ansala Ley also said she loved being part of the event. “This was a lot of fun,” she said.

Myrielle Smith said she enjoyed spending time with friends. So did Simcre Edwards. “I love it. This was fun,” she said.

The tables were very well decorated and featured beautiful baked goods. Many of the tea cups were real works of art. Many of those who attended dressed formally for the occasion. Some were there for the first time, others had come for years and enjoyed the chance to meet up with longtime friends.