The City of Pompano Beach celebrated the end of one pier and the beginning of a new pier on May 22.

Past and present City leaders came together to participate in a ceremony at the Pompano Beach Pier. Some of the people involved redevelopment of the Pier were also present. After some remarks by Pompano Beach Mayor Lamar Fisher, the community leaders then went to the one of the railings of the pier. They each were given sledge hammers and struck the railing to symbolize that demolition work on the pier was about to begin.

The demolition and construction work will cost about $11.8 million. Work is beginning now and is expected to be complete by early 2019. The pier will be raised by four feet. The existing pier was considered at the end of its lifespan and needed to be replaced. The new pier is expected to last about 75 years. It is part of larger effort to improve the beach area of Pompano Beach. There are two new restaurants now under construction next to the pier. There is also restaurant and retail development taking place across the street. A new parking garage was recently completed near the pier.

Fisher is excited about the project. “This is very important to the City. We need a new pier and this pier is an important part of our economic development. We will have new restaurants and retail businesses around the pier,” said Fisher.