Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is excited to be selected by Google for a CS4HS grant, which stands for computer science for high schools. The grant is a part of Google’s global effort to bring rigorous computer science professional development to computer science teachers around the world.

As part of the grant, BCPS is developing a course for educators that will allow them to add the K-12 Computer Science Educator Certification to their current teaching certificate. The funds will also be used to support collaboration and the sharing of best practices among computer science teachers, which is essential for ongoing professional learning.

BCPS is one of only 27 organizations in the United States and Canada chosen for the CS4HS grant, and one of only 79 organizations selected in the world. The CS4HS grant supports the District’s ongoing commitment to expanding computer science education and opportunities for students in all grade levels.

In 2014, BCPS became the first school district in the nation to partner with to increase access to computer science in schools and is now a Regional Partner, facilitating training in computer science for South Florida school districts. Through the District’s computer science #BrowardCodes initiative, more than 50,000 students are now participating in computer science courses, curriculum and activities offered at 100 percent of the District’s schools. In addition, computer science is offered as a college-level course at all of the District’s high schools.

 “We’re honored to be selected for this grant from Google, and look forward to providing the professional development opportunity to all of our teachers, from elementary school through high school,” said Dr. Lisa Milenkovic, BCPS STEM+Computer Science supervisor. “This funding will help our District continue to support high-quality computer science professional development as we look for new, creative ways to integrate computer science into our students’ education.”