Nancy Melissa Fitzgerald, who disappeared under suspicious circumstances was last seen on May 12, 2017. Detectives worked many leads and utilized social media in an attempt to locate her. The use of social media paid off early this morning in Margate, when detectives received a phone call from a Broward Sheriff’s Office employee, Kathleen Hanks, who was confident it was the woman she saw on the Coral Springs Police Department’s Facebook page walking outside of Margate Elementary School. Hanks, contacted a friend from the Coral Springs Police Department (who also manages Coral Springs Police social media), who advised her to call the non-emergency number. The Margate Police Department responded and located Nancy a short time later near Rock Island Road and Atlantic Blvd. Nancy is currently being medically evaluated, but is safe.

Social Media has assisted law enforcement in locating missing persons, solved crimes and even reunited pets with their owners. We are thankful to social media followers who shared this post more than 1.3K times with more than 85K people. In addition to Ms. Hanks report this morning, detectives did receive other credible reports of sightings of Nancy Fitzgerald earlier this week thanks to social media.