Mareena Reedy had a great time at the Lady’s Fish-Off in Pompano Beach. She caught a 34 pound kingfish, one of the larger ones caught in the tournament.

“This is my first time as an angler in the tournament. I had volunteered in past tournaments. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed catching the fish,” said Reedy.

She part of a team named Skipjack with her friend Taylor Zascavage. They are both 17 and students at Pompano Beach High School. “I caught an 11 pound Kingfish. I liked being a part of the tournament,” she said.

Terressa Stark also enjoyed being a part of the tournament. She was part of the Bustin Loose Team. “We caught eight Kingfish, some bonitas and sail fish. We had a great team and a great time,” she said.

Danae Meek was part of the No Plan team. “We caught a 96 pound Kingfish. We had a lot of fun and a wonderful team,” she said. Her teammate Jessica Braswell also enjoyed the tournament. “This was fun,” she said.

There were 49 boats and 160 anglers in the tournament. Men could serve as captains and mates on the boats. But only women could participate as anglers. Lindsey Tenberg, president of the tournament said that the women had a good time.