“Playground Mobilization”, one of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Impact Service Projects, to restore, renew and refresh a playground was conducted May 20th by Chi Psi Omega and Kappa Kappa Omega Chapters.  This marks the third year in a row the two chapters collaborated for the annual Community Service Impact Day and for success of the project.

Approximately seventy (70) participated in the project held at the Early Childhood Learning Laboratory and Outdoor Classroom, Broward College North Campus, 1000 Coconut Creek Boulevard, Coconut Creek.

To ensure the facilitation of “green techniques” and success of the project, the collaborating chapters partnered with Orchards of Deerfield Beach.. Orchards provided in-kind donations of ninety (90) plants to be used in nine raised beds and six very large size pots; which included vegetables, peppers, tomatoes and herbs. Flowers donated were packaged in two separate boxes. Additionally, the business donated thirty (30) large bags of mulch to spread over the very large playground.   Moreover, the business donated  twenty-five (25) bags of soil for the nine raised beds, six large pots and two gardens located on each side of the school.  Furthermore, they brought latex gloves for every participant; gardening tools, rakes and hoes for spreading and large shovels for digging. The small gardening tools, rakes and shovels, were left for the more than 70 toddlers to use in maintaining the plants.

Most importantly, Orchards brought the truck load of items, stayed on a Saturday during the height of business, volunteered, showed/demonstrated professional planting and gardening; thus, providing enhanced beautification and invaluable assistance.

More than 100 toys and the new state of the arts playground equipment were cleaned; as degreasers, comet, pine soil, rags and buckets for the work were provided by the chapters.  The chapters had the old benches removed and placed the new red and blue ones strategically and visually. Most importantly, to ensure project sustainability, chapters watered/saturated the beautiful new flowers and plants for growth.

In reviewing the playground’s before photos with the finished ones, it was mission accomplished! Three groups gave it a “good look’ appearance, added quality, ensured safety and made it ready to be used.

Feedback from the staff evidenced a kid-tested, amazing playground and garden; environmentally conscious equipment, with children and teachers enjoying the outdoor area.

Most importantly, evidenced from the on-line survey were the use of “green techniques”, safety-management, beautiful approach, enhanced quality, recycling efforts, sustainability; while fostering environmental ownership.  Healthy snacks that included granola bars, fresh and dried fruits, juices and water were provided for participants.

Special thanks to Kara Bailey, 1st Vice-President, Kappa Kappa Omega Chapter, for facilitating the taking before and after pictures for Playground Mobilization.  Dr. Avis Proctor, Broward College North Campus President and a member of AKA Sorority, Chi Psi Omega Chapter, made a surprise visit.

Chi Psi Omega Chapter members in attendance included Ashley Greene, 2nd, Vice-President; Barbara J. Thomas, Target IV: Environmental Ownership Chairman; Crystal Brumfield, Ann A. Burnett, Nickisha Coachman, La’Chavious Clark, Michelle Green, Khira Holloway, Juanita Louis, Josetta B. Patterson, Avis Proctor and Joyce Toran.