Increased Funding for Florida’s K-12 students through the FEFP: Following Governor Scott’s call, the Legislature has allocated an additional $215 million to K-12 education than was previously authorized. This will increase the per-student funding by $100. This is the highest K-12 per pupil funding in Florida history. This funding will allow our schools and teachers to deliver results for our children.


Established Florida Job Growth Grant Fund: Since 2010, Florida has created over 1.35 million private-sector jobs. To build on this success, Governor Scott worked with the Legislature to establish the new Florida Job Growth Grant Fund to promote public infrastructure and individual job training, which will encourage more businesses to choose Florida as a destination for business. The Legislature has allocated $85 million for the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund to be administered by the Department of Economic Opportunity.


Fully Funded VISIT FLORIDA: Following Governor Scott’s call, the Legislature allocated $76 million to fully fund VISIT FLORIDA to continue to market Florida as a premier vacation destination worldwide. This proposal builds on added transparency and accountability reforms at the organization.


Herbert Hoover Dike Repairs: Following Governor Scott’s expansion of the call for special session, the Florida Legislature appropriated $50 million to kick-start much needed repairs to the Herbert Hoover Dike surrounding Lake Okeechobee. Along with SB 10, a major priority for Senator Negron, repairing the Herbert Hoover Dike will ensure that future generations of Floridians will not be plagued with safety concerns during flooding events and problems with algae. The $50 million for this project will be included in the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund, bringing the total of that fund to $135 million.


Medical Marijuana: Governor Scott expanded the call for special session this week to allow the Legislature to develop the framework for medical marijuana. The Florida Legislature passed SB 8-A and SB 6-A which outlines the implementation of the constitutional amendment approved by 71 percent of voters in 2016. The Governor plans to sign this legislation.