The Serenity Center for the Arts held its first performance, “A New Beginning” at the Ali Center in Pompano Beach.

Jacelyne Jackson, the director of the program was proud to see the young people performing. “This is our first annual performance and it went very well,” she said. “We are building up and shaping young women.”

The Serenity Center for the Arts offers a wide variety of dance opportunities for people age four to adult. The program includes jazz, ballet, hip hop, liturgical dance and tap dancing.”

Jackson believes that dance offers a great opportunity for young women to express themselves in a positive way. Her goal is to create an opportunity for young to learn dance.

“My mother cleaned a dance studio so I could have the opportunity to learn dance. I did not realize how hard she worked to give me this opportunity but I do now. I want to give this opportunity to young women in the community,” said Jackson.

She has worked hard to develop a dance program at the Ali Center. The Serenity Center developing at the Ali Center. Jackson took some time off from her dance career to start a family. Now she is coming back and hopes to develop the program.