Coral Springs police announced the arrest of Jason Martinez and Kadian Roper in the murder of Michael Hamilton. The murder took place in July of 2011. During a press conference Coral Springs Detective Scott Myers said the motive for the murder involved a burglary, the two suspects wanted something from Hamilton’s apartment. Using sophisticated lab technology from various law enforcement agencies, it was possible to link the DNA from Martinez to blood found at the scene of the murder. Coral Springs detectives followed Martinez in New York and were able to obtained a discarded lemonade container he had been drinking from. The DNA from this container was used to link Martinez to his blood that was at the scene of the crime. An eye witness has also come forward.

The parents of Michael Hamilton attended the press conference and thanked the Police Department for their work and efforts in arresting the two suspects.

Coral Springs Police Detectives have identified and arrested a second suspect in the ongoing homicide investigation of Michael Hamilton.

The Coral Springs Police issued a release on the arrests

In July of 2011, Michael Hamilton was brutally murdered in his home at 9893 NW 33rd Street in Coral Springs.  The investigation into the murder revealed that more than one person participated in the homicide.

On October 19, 2016 Jason David Martinez, 28, former Coral Springs resident, was arrested for the homicide of Michael Hamilton, after DNA evidence linked him to the crime.  Martinez was located and arrested in Port Jefferson, NY and subsequently extradited to Broward County on 02/09/2017.

Detectives continued to exhaust every lead, interviewing and collecting DNA from over 40 people in an attempt to identify the second suspect.  On June 14, 2017 Kadian Andre Garfield Roper, 37, of Coral Springs, was arrested in connection to the Hamilton homicide, after DNA linked him to the crime scene.    Roper cooperated fully with detectives and implicated himself as well as the co-defendant Martinez in Hamilton’s murder.  Roper was transported to Broward County Jail where he is currently being held without bond.