The Florida League of Cities recently recognized Vice Mayor Dan Daley with a 2017 Home Rule Hero Award. Daley earned this prestigious award for his tireless efforts to advance the League’s legislative agenda and help protect the Home Rule powers of Florida’s cities during the 2017 regular legislative session.

“Our Home Rule Heroes are shining examples of local advocacy in action,” said Boca Raton Mayor and Florida League of Cities President Susan Haynie. “These dedicated municipal officials take time out of their busy schedules to cultivate relationships with their legislators and help them understand the issues that are most important to their constituents back home. Thank you for all you do to help protect Home Rule and preserve the quality of life in your city.”

Home Rule is the ability for a city to establish its own form of government and enact ordinances, codes, plans and resolutions without prior state approval. The Home Rule Hero Award recipients are local government officials – both elected and nonelected – who consistently responded to the League’s request to reach out to members of the legislature and help give a local perspective to an issue.

“It’s an honor to receive the Home Rule Hero award for the third year in a row” Vice Mayor Daley said. “Given the toxic, anti-city climate in Tallahassee this last year, the work of local elected officials is more important now than ever before and I’m glad to be a part of it!”