A new art show is beginning at the Sample-McDougald House in Pompano Beach. The exhibit features the work of Susannah Herndon Peddie. There will be a 44 piece of artwork on display through September 16. The exhibit is called “Summertime.” It is a whimsical and fun floral and nature display and sale of larger than life floral prints and quirky graphics.

Peddie’s work is fresh, happy and visceral. She uses photography to shoot what she sees in front of her and then captures it in print. In statement, she said, “I owe my love of nature to my father, who took us hunting and fishing every weekend in Central Florida. My mother was a huge influence on me as well; an artist by training, she shuffled me to art classes as a child, where I learned about art composition while drawing and painting,” she said.

Heritage Garden

The Sample-McDougald House is also developing a Heritage Garden. This garden replicates the agricultural past of the Sample-McDougald House. Now there are 14 vegetables, six herbs and various flowers. The vegetables include cucumbers, spinach, tomatoes and beans. They are summer vegetables. There are also pineapples.

The garden is being maintained by the Pompano Beach Garden Club.

Lee Waldo, manager of the Museum is pleased with the garden and hopes to see it develop further.