Coral Springs Charter School is one of the most popular educational institutions in the area. It has a long waiting list and many successful programs including a three-peat state championship softball team. Maybe it is too successful. Families want to send their children to Coral Springs Charter rather than regular public schools. Many charter schools in Broward are having similar results and this is drawing concern from those who run the traditional schools.

The Broward School Board may sue the Florida Department of Education over a new education law that requires that local school districts share property tax revenue with charter schools and allow charter schools into areas where the traditional public schools are struggling. The suit would say that the new law funds non-district projects by funding charter school projects not approved by a local school district. The new law requires district schools to share property tax revenue and thus violates existing law that does not grant permission for charter schools to collect this tax. The new law would require districts to accept applications under a “Schools of Hope” program. Charter schools have access to a $140 fund to open in areas served by elementary and middle schools that have received Fs for at least three years.

The problem is that charter schools have become very, very popular over the years and many families want to send their children to them. A  perfect case is Coral Springs Charter School. This is a very popular academic institution that many families want their children to attend. Coral Springs Charter has received high marks and its students are very successful.