The Coral Springs Commission is facing a tight budget year. The City has an $8 million budget deficit that must be closed by October 1. The City has had to spend more for its new City Hall, infrastructure repairs and other expenses. The City may have to raise its millage rate by as much as 1.5 mils.

Coral Springs Charter a popular and successful school with 1,600 students and a waiting list needs a new home. It is located at the intersection of Sample Road and University Drive, a prime place of business but not the best place for a school. One option is to place it at Betti Stradling Park on Wiles Road. Another option would be to place it at Mullins Park. Coral Springs Charter has been an A rated school for many years and has produced a three time state championship softball team.

Coral Springs continues to do well as a city. It is considered a popular place to live. It has a great parks, top notch sports programs and schools and many well maintained neighborhoods.