A group of more than 100 residents gathered at the Coral Springs Charter School auditorium to voice their strong opposition to a move of Coral Springs Charter to Betti Stradling Park. There has been a proposal to move the popular school to Betti Stradling Park, which was built with volunteer effort from residents. The City administration has received about 4,200 signatures opposing the move. But if the school were to be moved from its present location at Sample and University Drive, the land would be freed up to make room for development that could benefit Coral Springs. Also, if the school were moved to Betti Stradling Park, there would be land available to the school for playing fields. The City of Coral Springs wants to build a three story building to increase the size of the enrollment. There are about 1,600 students in the school and a waiting list of 2,100 students. The school has students in grades 6-12.  Other options that have been discussed include moving the school to a site near Sportsplex Drive or in the parking lot at the Performing Arts Center or at Mullins Park.