Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie is optimistic about the upcoming school years. During a recent presentation, he announced that more than 80,000 computers are being placed in Broward schools and that more than 30,000 new musical instruments are being purchased for students.

“Our goal is to have every student proficient in reading by the time they complete the third grade. This is important for the academic success of young people. We are placing more computers in the schools so students have more access to computers,” said Runcie.

He said that Broward public schools have improved their letter grades based on the performance of students on academic tests and that more students are graduating from high schools. “We are seeing success from our schools,” said Runcie.

Runcie expressed concern about House Bill 7069 which will divert money collected from property taxes from traditional public schools to charter schools. This has generated some controversy because traditional public schools are held to different standards than charter schools. Also, there is concerned that money sorely needed by public schools will go to charter schools.