Developments are continuing at Port Everglades that will mean more upscale cruise ships and more economic development for the City of Hollywood.

Currently, there is a major $114 million renovation taking place at Terminal 25 which services Royal Caribbean, the company that owns Celebrity Cruises. The project is to create a new terminal for Celebrity Edge, which is expected to arrive a Port Everglades on December 16, 2018.The terminal is now in the design phase.

“The idea is to modernize the terminal so that it meets the aesthetics of the Celebrity which is creating a new ship for the cruise industry,” said Ellen Kennedy, spokesperson for Port Everglades. “The project will mean an expanded luggage area, a VIP reception area and other upgrades.”

Port Everglades is considered a turnaround port which means it is good at getting passengers in and out quickly and efficiently. “Celebrity is building a new class of ships and we are honored they are choosing Port Everglades,” said Kennedy.

Also, just after the Celebrity Edge arrives in Port Everglades, Holland America’s new ship Nieuw Statendam will makes its debut in Port Everglades on December 19, 2018.

This coming season will feature come interesting developments at the Port. In October 2017, Silversea Cruises, an ultra-luxury brand will introduce the Silver Muse. It will arrive on October 12 and sail from the Port on October 13. Crystal Cruises will introduce two new ships, Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity which will arrive in October 2017 and sail throughout the season.