Coral Springs

Experience the magic of Carnival during 

Blame It on Rio

the Museum’s annual Masterpiece Event 

Thursday, August 20, 2015!


Lose yourself in the sultry sounds of Brazilian Jazz, enjoy the sensual samba and partake the delicious national drink – the Caipirinha while viewing the vibrant, colorful art of special guest Romero Britto.


Coral Springs homeowners can expect to see an increase in their taxes this year. And because the economy is improving, the values of their homes has improved and this means they will pay even more.

A  major expense will be a new pool at the aquatic center at about $1.5 million. Money will be spent on new playground equipment. And money will go toward paying off the public safety bond. Also, Coral Springs taxpayers will pay for a new city hall.

Hoerbiger Corp. of America has purchased a 245,000 square foot building in Coral Springs where it will expand its manufacturing operation. The Pompano Beach based company will hire 420 people to work at its Coral Springs location. A $7.86 million package of local and state incentives was awarded for the project. Coral Springs will contribute $425,000 over five years. Broward County will contribute $174,000 in money and $252,000 in local support to Florida’s $1 million for job creation. This package includes a $2.7 million capital investment credit and $1.8 million training grant, according to an article by Marcia Heroux Pounds in the July 18 Sun Sentinel.

Governor Rick Scott announced that Florida businesses have created 896,900 private-sector jobs since December 2010, and the state’s unemployment rate fell to 5.5 percent- the lowest rate since March 2008. In June 2015, 12,200 private-sector jobs were created across Florida. Florida’s annual private-sector job growth rate, up to 3.9 percent, has exceeded that of the nation since April 2012.

Governor Rick Scott said, “Today’s announcement of nearly 900,000 new private sector jobs in just four and a half years is great news. We have cut taxes 50 times – including $400 million in tax cuts this year – and we will keep working to create an environment where more businesses can expand and grow in Florida so families have more opportunities to succeed in the Sunshine State.”



Many children are struggling with obesity. It is a growing problem among young people  many of whom spend time playing video games. Even those who play physical sports may not get as much exercise because they are waiting in line to bat or for a turn to play position. The Parkland YMCA offers  YFit, a program geared to encourage physical fitness among young people. The YFit program takes games like tag and basketball and makes them into events where children are constantly in motion. “We want to develop exercise habits among young people,” said Jonathan Owens, senior program director for the Parkland YMCA.


The City of Coral Springs is presently seeking applicants to serve on the newly created Economic Development Advisory Committee. The Committee’s purpose is to advise the City Commission and the Economic Development Office.

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