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Jets Pizza, located at 9835 West Sample Road held a ribbon cutting event to celebrate its grand opening in Coral Springs. Community leaders came together and congratulated Phil and Eileen Cusmano on their successful opening. The Cusmano family has owned two Jets Pizza restaurants in Michigan and is looking forward to doing business in Coral Springs. “We use only the finest ingredients in our pizza,” said Phil Cusmano. “We have very deep dish pizzas.”

Broward County Public Schools participates in the Child Care Food Program, a federally funded program which provides healthy meals and snacks in the child care setting. Students enrolled in aftercare programs at designated schools enjoy a nutritious early supper at school. Meals meet all USDA requirements and include a milk, fruit, vegetable, grain and meat (or meat alternate) and are offered in the school’s cafeteria. The healthy meals are provided at no charge to students.

Coral Springs Elementary School and Maplewood Elementary School are among the participating schools.

The Coral Springs Police Department will be adding additional officers to address illegal fireworks in the City of Coral Springs.

The personal use of illegal fireworks in our neighborhoods has prompted the Coral Springs Police Department to take a firm stance. In addition to road patrol officers, officers from specialized units will be patrolling the neighborhoods on July 4th confiscating illegal fireworks. Illegal fireworks are any fireworks that explode or fly in the air. Anyone caught possessing illegal fireworks will have them confiscated on the first offense and cited for a first-degree misdemeanor on the second offense.

As for legal fireworks, please follow these safety tips:

  • Never light fireworks indoors or near dry grass
  • Always have a bucket of water or fire extinguisher nearby
  • Do not wear loose clothing while using fireworks
  • If fireworks do not go off, do not stand over them
  • Supervise children around fireworks at all times


Police recommend attending a professional fireworks display. The City of Coral Springs will be having a fireworks display on July 4th at Mullins Park, located at 10000 NW 29 Street starting at 9: p.m.


Broward Health Coral Springs will be receiving a major upgrade in the coming years.

A new four story south tower will be built at a cost of nearly $65 million. This structure will included a new main lobby, labor delivery department, neonatal intensive care unit, post-partum floor with 28 beds and a 28 bed medical surgical unit. Construction will begin in January 2016 and be complete by the first quarter of 2018.

This new facility will accommodate the growing population of Coral Springs and Parkland, according to Drew Grossman, CEO of Coral Springs.


Macey Geller loves summer camp.

“I like to be with all my friends and I like to dance. I think this camp is really cool,” said Geller.

She is among a group of about 60 children who are part of Camp Coral Kids. It is a camp that is being offered at Parkside Elementary for children with Type One Diabetes. The kids, work on art projects, dance, enjoy fitness activities and get to spend time with children who are facing the same challenge with Type One Diabetes.

Angela DePalma also enjoys Camp Coral Kids. “I like the fitness and I like to play Zootag,” she said.

The counselors have also faced diabetes. Nicholas Ros is a counselor and has learned to deal with Type One diabetes. “It is important for the kids to know they are not alone,” he said.

Many of the children are being monitored by a new device called DexCom G4@ PLATINUM Receiver with Share™ – a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system with Share™ to help parents and or doctors manage a child’s diabetes together. This device was recently approved in February for use with children. It allows a nurse to monitor the children.

CGM provides a dynamic glucose information by showing where glucose is, where it’s going, and how fast it is getting there. This eliminates the guesswork and worries that come with making decisions based on a number. A number alone cannot tell which way a child’s glucose is going and how fast it is getting there. The CGM allows for making an informed decision on diabetes management.

Dexcom’s CGM includes three parts. There is a small sensor that measures glucose levels just underneath the skin. There is a transmitter that is fastened on top of the sensor and sends data wirelessly to the receiver. And there is a receiver that displays a person’s glucose trends in vivid colors so one can easily see when it is high, low or within range. This allows for remote viewing of glucose levels, trends and data between the person with diabetes and a care giver from an Apple iPhone@ or iPod touch@. Camp nurses can monitor a child during camp activities without interruption.

“We can monitor the glucose levels of the kids more effectively with this device,” said Shelley Nicholls, a registered nurse at Broward Health Coral Springs.

Camping fun includes swimming, crafts, campfire, snacks and the opportunity to make new friends. The kids can go on field trips. It is a fun atmosphere. And the kids at Camp Coral have as much fun as young people anywhere else. They love to work together on art projects and the enjoy spending time together. There is a wall covered with paper that the kids can write on. The young people love performing fitness activities outside and running and playing. The campers are divided into “cabins” based on their age. Older children can become counselors in training and those over age 16 can become counselors.

Kelly Kolifrath, camp coordinator worked with the campers outside. “We play kick ball, basketball and other fun games,” she said. “The kids love to be here and we make it fun.”

Kathleen Byrne, a nurse educator and camp director believes the program is good for young people with type one diabetes because it is a place where they can be kids. The camp is run by Broward Health Coral Springs.


A junkanoo band based in Miami gives a performance.

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