The FBI is seeking a person who robbed the Chase Bank at around 11:00 a.m. at 8264 Wiles Road in Coral Springs. The person, wearing a ball cap, went into the bank and demanded money.

Broward County Public Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie visited the White House to participate in a panel discussion known as Rethink School Discipline.

There were presentations on research that has been done on school discipline and experiences that education leaders around the nation have had regarding school discipline.

During the panel discussion, Runcie gave a presentation on the District’s Collaborative Agreement on School Discipline which aims to close the schoolhouse to jailhouse pipeline. It established new guidelines and processes for handling non-violent misdemeanor offense on school campuses. Runcie spoke on the District’s intervention programs which have reduced student misdemeanor arrests by 63 percent, expulsions among general education students by 27 percent and 54 percent among exceptional education students, and suspensions by about 30 percent.

“We were the only major district to participate in this conversation,” said Runcie. “I promoted our Preventing Recidivism through Opportunities, Mentoring, Interventions, Support and Education (PROMISE).”

Runcie wants to reduce the number of Broward School District students who are being suspended or expelled from schools. He believes it is important to move away from zero tolerance policies to programs that identify root causes of disciplinary problems. He is proud to say that the number of suspensions in Broward has gone down since he became the leader of the District.




The Coral Springs Chargers are getting ready for the upcoming season. Here one of the teams practices.


Members of the Coral Springs Chargers football team are getting ready for the upcoming football season. The goal of the program is to produce winning teams. But more importantly, the goal is to teach the value of team work and sportsmanship to achieve goals. Pictured above is the unlimited team, below is the under 9 team and at the bottom is the mighty mites.




Football season is just around the corner. And the Coral Springs Chargers youth football team is getting ready for the season. The team is divided into various age and weight classes. Young players can learn the basics of the game and more experienced players can hone their skills and prepare for more competitive levels of play.

The Coral Springs Chargers offers a competitive program and the goal of every team is to win the Super Bowl. But the most important goal is to teach young people the value of sportsmanship, team work, the importance of never quitting and working hard to achieve a goal.

“We are teaching kids from five to seven years old the basics of football. They are learning about conditioning and how to tackle properly,” said A.J. Poulin, the coach of the Mighty Mites. “They are learning how to be part of a football team.”

Coach Wallace McIntosh, known as Coach Mack coaches the under nine year old team. “I want to win a championship this year. We are teaching players the basic fundamentals of football and the values of sportsmanship, team work and working hard,” he said.

Scott Haire, the coach of the 12 and under team believes his team will do well this season. “We are teaching life lessons. It is important that the players learn to work together to accomplish a goal. They may have to work with people they don’t like just like they will in the business world. They must learn to never give up,” said Haire.

Tony Wilson, who coaches the unlimited weight class said his team is in a rebuilding phase. He wants to teach his players the importance of teamwork and working hard to accomplish a goal.


The City of Coral Springs is hosting a Town Hall Meeting to share information and allow residents to comment and ask questions about the proposed relocation of the Charter School to Mullins Park. In order to allow all in attendance an opportunity to speak, public comment will be limited to three minutes per person.   The meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 26 from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Center for the Arts, 2855 Coral Springs Drive. For more information, please call 954-344-5906.

Apollo Middle School received the Family and Community Award from the Florida Department of Education and the Florida Parent Teacher Association.

The school received this award because of an innovative program to help parents access information about the school. A parent named Awilda Pavon has a son who attends Apollo Middle School and she noticed that while the school had many resources to help children succeed academically, many parents were unaware of those resources or felt uncomfortable approaching school personnel with questions. So she created the Parent2Parent Connection Program.

“She created this program so that every time we have an event at our school parents can receive information about our resources,” said Shawn Aycock, Apollo’s principal. “She has her own table and we provide parents with an information sheet on our resources. Some parents are shy in a school setting and won’t ask questions. But they would walk outside and ask Awilda Pavon questions about the school.”



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