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Melinda Trucks was the featured artist among a group of eight highly regarded artists at the Coral Springs Museum of Art. And event was held to introduce their work. Trucks has produced many abstract landscape paintings over the years. Up close the paintings appear more abstract but from a distance they appear more realistic. She has also produced many beautiful paintings of bugs that she has observed near her home in France. She also produced paintings of her daughter Elise.  The exhibit features a wide variety of her paintings. When asked about her painting, Trucks found it hard to describe how she works. “I just love to paint,” she said.



The Coral Springs Museum of Art held an exhibit for eight artists. Susan Lundin was one of the artists. “I love to paint seaside water colors. My work is contemporary expressionism. My work includes waves and sunlight,” she said.


The Coral Springs Museum of Art held a special event to introduce the work of eight artists. John Bowen, a Vietnam veteran and a highly regarded water color painter displayed his work. He spent much of his career as a commercial artist. During the Vietnam War he produced illustrations of military actions.

“I do realistic watercolors. I love to paint old houses and boats. I am a retired commercial artist but I love to paint. I just can’t stop painting and a I do it all the time,” said Bowen.


In January, a monument to the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr. will be place in front of the Northwest Regional Library in Coral Springs. The monument is being created by Dari Patsiokas and it will express her views and feelings on Civil Rights through sculpture and painting. It will be a 13.5 ton granite sculpture. “This is a monument to Martin Luther King, a man of wisdom and courage,” said Dari. “It is important for us to never forget his life and work.”

Recently members of the community came together at the Northwest Regional Library to hold a soft ground breaking for the monument. It will include a picture of Martin Luther King and some of his quotes. The piece honors the memory of Martin Luther King and those who have stood on behalf of people to demand their rights.



Coral Glades High School needs an auditorium. It is the only high school in Broward County that does not have one. Members of the  Coral Glades drama program have received recognition for their work but still not auditorium. The school opened in 2004. Linda Gaynor, other parents drama students came to the Coral Springs Commission meeting to ask for support for a new auditorium. The Commission promised to support the school’s effort to get one.


Thousands of people came together at WorldFest 2015 at Sportsplex Park. The enjoyed food from all over the world and performances.



The Our Town America event has attracted thousands of people to the Sportplex park in Coral Springs. There are a wide variety of rides, games and food options. Young people are providing entertainment such as dance. And for many it is an opportunity to meet and socialize.



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